Tanka 21

Straightforward goodness.
I resent and I envy
all those lucky ones
receiving its benefits
while I struggle in the dark.


"Peaceful Morning" - collage, 18" x 24", @ 2007

“Peaceful Morning” – collage, 18″ x 24″, @ 2007


8 thoughts on “Tanka 21

  1. Yes! I was just talking to my husband about this recently, the resentment I sometimes feel at those who have uncomplicated lives, placid, functional backgrounds, and lives filled with positive, nurturing relationships.

  2. Yes. Oh yes. I am so with you. You know, sometimes it seems that these poems (which I prepare the posts some time in advance) have an uncanny way to touching on something bothering me at the exact time they are published. (Or else maybe I never move forward in life away from these thoughts. Ugh, I hope that’s not it).

  3. Thank you. I made lots of collages in this style over a period of years. Once in a while I go back to it. But this one is from the past. Anyway. I hoped this poem did not sound self-pitying. I think we all sometimes feel left out in the cold, and then sometimes we are able to bring someone in.

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