Creative Use of Worry, I Hope

From the collection published in fall 2015, Autumn Opens a Door.

Creative Use of Worry, I Hope

It was a rainy walk over here and
the wind is picking up I see and I question
the wisdom
of walking all this way
in weather like today but I’ve already done it
and I’m here. Now, I can spend the next few hours
worrying about walking back
I can get down to work and
start typing.
Which will it be?

Clay tile, 6" x 6" - 2015.

Clay tile, 6″ x 6″ – 2015.


4 thoughts on “Creative Use of Worry, I Hope

  1. This is a predicament I can empathize with. Back in Argyll, with its changeable weather, I would often find myself at the destination point of a long walk just as the temperature would drop and the rain would start and I would realize I had to trudge all the way home. Once that involved walking in torrential rain for over an hour.

  2. Ugh. It’s ok if you have got all your “in case of” items such as umbrella and raincoat but not when it is unexpected. Even with better weather forecasting these days, it’s so easy to get caught. And then of course there is when you just decide to “hope” it will be ok and… no.

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