From Autumn Opens a Door, poetry collection published in fall, 2015.


In the fall
all the extra is peeled away.
The wind takes.
The cold bites off the fat
and leaves the bone.

Artist trading card, 2013.

Artist trading card, 2013.


8 thoughts on “Core

  1. Yes. I am doing these poems in alphabetical order but it’s amazing how often they are applicable to the day I set them for… And we are in a chilly phase, feels wintery!

  2. If I wasn’t a vegetarian I ‘d gnaw on this one , but seriously I like this take on winter very much..I just do… and the art has an intriguing quality as well which goes with the poem.

  3. Thank you. I think of winter as the time when all that is hidden is often revealed. And thank you for the mention of the art – I think the ATC format is fantastic, almost like writing a little haiku in paint or paper. You have to distill your thoughts.

  4. Interesting that observation about winter…I find February and March (late winter) often ‘revealing’. I gather an ATC is quite small…you still managed to include much detail.

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