Last-Minute Poetry Marathon, Day 4

For background on this Poetry Marathon, look here.

Day 4, and my destination was the East Cheltenham Library. This library is part of my township’s system and is located about 15 minutes from home in a former school turned community center.


The library is located in a section of the township featuring close-together rowhomes and narrow streets – very walkable and I have in fact taken a lot of walks in this neighborhood over the years.


The library is a wonderful spot, with big windows and a nice view.


I set myself up at a table at the back of the library.

Right next to the biography section – hoping all these achieving minds might help me out with my writing.


The library was chaotic today – all the tables full and people seemed restless. I had the solution – earplugs. I’m not kidding. It works.

All right, so I got to work – I did editing on my photo poem project first and then wrote quick poems at the end.

I continue to move very slowly through the editing project. Today the poems that came up (done in February and March, 2016) were more disorganized and, I hate to say, sometimes incoherent, than most of the previous ones. I wonder what I was thinking in that time period? But, that wordiness meant there were also a lot of ideas and phrases to work with, too. I found a bit of patience and a lot of paring made a difference. I think some good poems emerged. I hope!

I look forward to seeing what tomorrow’s selections will bring…

Here is my choice for the poem that I wrote today as part of the quick writing – as it came straight from my thoughts.

I must attend
a fancy party
one month from now
requiring a dress
in a style
suited to a fancy party.
A style of dress
I do not presently own.
with trepidation
I shop. I find myself
meeting dresses
who look down at me
and others
who won’t
look at me at all.
In the end
an alliance is made
between me
and a dress
desperate to leave the store.


6 thoughts on “Last-Minute Poetry Marathon, Day 4

  1. I could empathize with this poem so much. I have this terrible feeling of dread come over me any time I have to attend an event requiring an evening or cocktail dress. I actually avoid such gatherings like the plague for several reasons but investing in and then wearing a fancy frock is among the reasons.

  2. I love how the the alliance emerges in this story, Claudia, and that feeling of “we’re in this together” – sometimes that helps, it’s just a matter of making the best of it. I know exactly this feeling, and it seems that when you really HAVE to find something, it’s even more hopeless…

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