Last-Minute Poetry Marathon Day 2

For an introduction to the Last-Minute Poetry Marathon, look here.

Here we are on Day 2, and I decided to go to the Huntingdon Valley Library. It’s about 15 minutes from my house and very near to the Pennypack Trail where I run or walk several times a week. The library is mostly contained in a new building that’s an addition to an older one. You park behind the building, go in the door, and up a flight of stairs to the main level. There is a more official front door on the main level, but it’s on the other side of the building and I bet it gets a lot less use – not much parking!

Anyway, here’s the entrance I used. They have a nice little garden by the door with this statue to greet you.

I looked around a little before I sat down. They have a nice set of cases containing photos of the area from long ago.


I always like to see an active bulletin board.


The library itself is large and I love to see the books all arrayed, shelf after shelf.


I set myself up at the back of the room. A nice spot to work.


I did one hour of quick poetry writing. It took me some time to settle down. I did finally get my head more into what I was doing and I could feel myself relax as I wrote.

Then, I returned to my big project: editing my photo poetry book. As you know, over a year’s time, I wrote poems based on photos I took – really, just snapshots at random. The rule were: Three photos, taken on the same day, and the poem written that day or within a couple of days, no later.

This editing project will definitely take more time than I had thought. Today’s poems (I’m up to December 2015, having started in late August 2015) are longer than most of what I write, and they have a lot of fat and redundancies. Not surprising in that I wrote them quickly and haven’t looked at them since.

So there is some real cutting to do. But, I can see today that, as time passed, I got better at working within my parameters. Taking three unrelated ideas and coming up with a common path to take them on, and doing so in a way that doesn’t seem forced or contrived – that takes practice. I think from today’s work there were a few poems I said to myself – this one, now, I like it!

It’s made me eager to see how things progress. I’ll know more as I go along.

So, in conclusion, here is today’s fresh-from-my-brain poem, done in the quick-writing section of the session today.


I am reading. The book rests on my lap.
As does the cat. The cat was there first.
Now the book
and the cat
occupy my lap. The cat purrs
while the heroine cries
Both of them sitting on my lap.
Three’s a crowd, I’m beginning to feel.


11 thoughts on “Last-Minute Poetry Marathon Day 2

  1. I really like this poem, and I agree with you and Jennifer. I often get lost in a book and think about the characters (and miss them, too.)
    I’ve often read a book around a cat while lying in bed. 🙂

  2. Reading is as real to me as talking to someone, I think. I get very focused. I love being able to meet people and travel through books because in real life I’d never have the time or money. Or fall into conversation with people like the ones I meet in books…and my cat loves to get right next to me when I am reading. I like it too. We are cozy.

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