Last-Minute Poetry Marathon

So, I know you know about my Poetry Marathon habit – started in January 2015 and still going. I scheduled three for 2016, and the third one was set for last week. But I hadn’t known that the election would be going on in that time, not to mention a sudden (though successful and not-too-disruptive) eye procedure to clear up complications from cataract surgery I had 18 or so months ago. So I canceled the marathon, meaning, I erased it from my calendar, about 10 days ago.

Then I thought things over. I really value the marathon process. I find it very meaningful to devote a week to my writing at regular intervals. I enjoy visiting different sites – libraries, cafes, parks – to write in. And the Marathon activity is a meditative process that calms me and reconnects me to writing. This last I felt was very important – various events in the last few weeks and months have distracted me from focusing on poetry.

I resolved to make the effort to go forward with the Marathon. So I rescheduled it for this week. What’s that mean? Well, for this Marathon, I plan to spend some time each day writing poetry as quickly and intuitively as I can. That process has been a constant since the first Marathon.

And I have a project waiting for attention – I wrote poems, at irregular but frequent intervals, between August 2015 and August 2016, each one inspired by photos I took of what were usually very ordinary objects or scenes. I have a nice large group of these poems now, but they need editing and shaping. I want to make this collection into another book, as you might guess. So I’ve decided to spend a lot of time on this group in this Marathon, and maybe get them all ready for turning into print.

OK! I have a plan. I start tomorrow. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll write a summary for each day and I’ll post something that I wrote during the session. I realize, as I write this post, that I’m looking forward to escaping into the discipline and meditation of writing. I think it was a good idea not to give up on the Marathon idea for November, 2016, after all.

Here are some photos from previous Marathons. See you tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Last-Minute Poetry Marathon

  1. I think sometimes it is the very contexts in which we feel most swamped and stressed by life that we need to eke out time for creativity and immersion in something that decompresses us. I am, therefore, glad you decided to press on with the marathon. I look forward to seeing your output.

  2. Thank you. Yes, when I looked at these pictures all together I thought how much each library looks alike, and yet they are really very different, but – there is a certain library style, isn’t there???

  3. That is exactly how I feel. I cannot imagine a life where I did not create. I am not sure how I would manage. But when I am writing or doing art, I feel I’m in my true world.

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