New Poetry Book – “Picking Up Pieces”

Yes, everyone, I have been working toward my 2016 goal, which was to publish my “inventory” of poems in print form – and catch up to the current day. Well, I am getting closer – here is a new book of collage poetry, Picking Up Pieces. It’s a companion to my previous book, Compositions in Collage, which featured all the collage poems I had collected in my collage poem notebook.

Picking Up Pieces is composed of all the unaffiliated collage poetry I’ve done between 2012 and mid-2016, poetry done on paint sample cards, library cards, postcards, and so on.

All the poems in this volume have been published on the blog, but now they have a print life, too.

If you are interested, the book (as are all my books) is for sale on Amazon.

And if you want to see the whole array of poetry books I have in print, here is a post I did about the group.

Thank you all as always for reading and supporting my work. It means the world to me.

12 thoughts on “New Poetry Book – “Picking Up Pieces”

  1. Yeahh, a new book baby! 🙂 I love the title because this is exactly what you do. And the way you describe it on the back cover is just right too. You know when it is just right, everything.

  2. Thank you. There is such a sense of fulfillment when the right pieces find each other, words, paint strokes, whatever. And this is what I always seek , that feeling of rightness.

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