Slip Away

A collage poem, from October, 2016.


Slip Away

Give me that evening
And the white brightness of the
Twice scrubbed moon
ascending. With the night
that seemed so black
hurrying off alone.



2 thoughts on “Slip Away

  1. Superb! I am especially struck by and taken with the image of the “twice scrubbed moon”. That is a wonderfully strong metaphor. I also like that there is a bit of a collage ellipsis in the first line as if there is a mystery or secret, a missing adjective that would explain the type of evening which has been removed for reasons of privacy perhaps.

  2. Thank you, I also like that about the moon, as I imagined giving it a good cleaning and then it feels so shiny new, no matter what situation it is dragged into. I like that idea of it having a newness to it, for the overall sense of the poem and also because sometimes there is a new moon! As for the ellipsis, the original word fell off, I liked it better without it, and did not replace it, and also, I liked the look of what it left behind – a little gap that you wonder why it’s there. Serendipity teaching me again. Normally I would have wanted to neaten things up, but this little mishap showed me another way to see things.

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