Library News

When you come into the Glenside Library, you see the Staff Picks board to your left. It features books chosen by the library staff. I get a lot of good reads from this location, so I always look.


Yesterday, I saw my book Compositions in Collage on the display. I had donated a copy to the library not too long ago, as I have with all my books. They have a nice section set aside for Local Authors on the shelves.

Now, I go to the library almost every day, so I do have a bit of acquaintance with the library staff, but still…I told John, who chose my book, thank you, and thank you again! So here’s another one – thanks, John, made me feel good to see it featured like this.



9 thoughts on “Library News

  1. Yes, I loved it and I’m also really thankful for the staff at Glenside; I’ve gone there for 20+ years and they have become friends. Seeing the book there made me feel great for many reasons.

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