Because the World Is Organized in This Manner

From Autumn Opens a Door, a collection published in fall 2015.

Because the World Is Organized in This Manner

Rattle those things in that box all you want,
you’ll never find the one you are looking for.
It’s been lost and it’s not in there
you don’t know that and you can’t find it out for sure
because you’ll always think
there is the chance
it might be at the bottom or maybe
you missed it as you were searching. So
I’m telling you now to save you trouble.
Don’t ask me how I know
but I do know:
The one you want is always
the one that is missing.

Homemade puzzle, 2016.

Homemade puzzle, 2016.


15 thoughts on “Because the World Is Organized in This Manner

  1. I love this interior monologue. It’s so very familiar to me. This actually is the prevailing theme of my husband’s “catch all” kitchen drawer – stuffed full of everything apart from the thing you actually need.

  2. But when you go through it, the excitement and the discovery can make up for it, though of course, distracting you from what you were supposed to be doing, although, is that so bad? (See how tangled up I can get so and so quickly?!?)

  3. I get that when raking around for some things but never the husband’s “glory hole” drawer. It’s just a place where things go to malinger and die. Except that sometimes my things get shoved in there so I have to root through it.

  4. Yes. I think it’s universal. And I often find it with art supplies – the tube of paint I want, I just can’t find in the box, so I use something else, and then – it suddenly appears. I think they hide, or else they decide the other color would be better, or something like that. Once again, the hand of the universe – I laugh at myself for this, but – I also believe it…

  5. Yes I was saving an article for ages transferring it from place to place and then when I finally thought I might use it I couldn’t find it… it showed up a few days later 🙂 things usually do show up on their own agenda…

  6. Hi Claudia – enjoyed your prose poem and the accompanying art work. Looking for someone, something one desires…needs – yes a challenge for sure but when we find it – what a joy…warm regards Karen

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