Autumn Winter Brainteaser

From Autumn Opens a Door, a collection published in 2015.

Autumn Winter Brainteaser

The year turns. Evening coming earlier
every day
for two more months and then
evening coming later
every day
for six months. Divide these numbers
receive an answer in return for
thinking about things a little differently
November December January February
A four’s worth of long evenings
the lamp next to the sofa
the murmur of the dishwasher in the kitchen
the pen and plenty of time for crossword puzzles.
The year turns.

Word tiles in clay, 2016.

Word tiles in clay, 2016.


7 thoughts on “Autumn Winter Brainteaser

  1. My brain was teased but understood 🙂 habits do adjust with light and temperatures …now I am not on a fixed 9 to 5 schedule I notice it more and more.

  2. I think it must be a wonderful luxury to be able to change life’s rhythms and schedules with the seasons. I find I’m already going into hibernation mode with my biochemistry but I can’t give into that instinct as life has to keep on trucking along as always. I think that’s why I just like to be a total homebody during the various Autumn and Winter holidays, it being my opportunity to give into what my body instinctively wishes to do.

  3. I hope you are right and I can definitely see that my life will become a little more within my grasp to organize and schedule when my kids are all HS age or older. It’s life in seasons, after all.

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