From the collection Autumn Opens a Door, published in 2015.


Study group
that actually seems to be studying
holds my attention because so many study groups
don’t. Flipping pages in the textbook
one student points with her pencil
at some important information
and I am suddenly
to know what it is
that has held their attention
for the two hours that I’ve been in the library
and longer, because they
were already hard at work
when I sat down.

"Reading" - acrylics on canvas, @ 2006

“Reading” – acrylics on canvas, @ 2006


4 thoughts on “Antithesis

  1. I love the colours you have used in the painting because it looks as if the reader is bathed in the illuminating glow emerging from the pages. Very few study groups in my experience can stay focused and on-task for that duration. I was part of many self-running tutorial groups during my undergraduate degree and too many were a waste of time because of lack of focus and motivation. I am impressed by the group you observed and who inspired this poem.

  2. Thank you, and you are right – this was a poetry marathon poem done at the PSU Abington campus library. I noticed this group because unlike just about everyone else in the open reading room, they were working. I figured they were either way behind or the exam was tomorrow or both!

  3. Thank you. I am fascinated by people caught in their daily activities and then thinking about what makes them do whatever they are doing. And I think reading is another form of that for me!

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