Ancient Arrangement

From the collection published in 2015, Autumn Opens a Door.

Ancient Arrangement

Mysterious time of year it is
when the trees turn yellow
and you don’t know why. When the
air is colder week to week and
the night longer and the moon
larger and staring down in a way
that’s familiar but only just
and you don’t know why. When the
acorns hit the ground in showers and
the sky is high and the clouds ashen
and you don’t know why. When
the chilly mist seeps out of the ground
and flowers are ruined and bent by frost
and you don’t know why. When you
look for answers finding only a silence
nothing to make the darkness plain or clear
you build up the fire sit close to it
and you know why.

"The Moon Sees All", mixed media, @ 2012

“The Moon Sees All”, mixed media, @ 2012


11 thoughts on “Ancient Arrangement

  1. Thank you. I like this collage method – I pasted random magazine pages on a background, painted it kind of randomly, and then did the collage. I like how all these layers work. And I do like the color yellow a lot!

  2. ‘And you don’t know why’ captures my feeling of both recognition and seeing for the first time…being caught off guard..season after season. I like this poem very much 🙂

  3. Thank you. What you said is exactly how I have felt all my life as the seasons change – something new and yet something old and familiar, renewing itself in the yearly cycles of my life. I am happy that you felt this too from what I wrote.

  4. Thank you. I love autumn and it always seems mysterious and special to me because I have wondered, since I was little, just how the earth knows how to do this seasonal change thing, and it seems especially apparent to me in the fall, for some reason.

  5. exquisite capture…we experience autumn every year, yet it remains aloof, silent to us, unlike the other three who seem to eagerly demand our attention, each in their own way. splendid ending…it is the time of the year when just discovering the real is enough…maybe it is the season when we most closely brush up against our mortality, a season when life is still there, but survival is many cases not likely…the “flowers are ruined and bent by frost.”

  6. Thank you. This is how I have felt about fall my whole life. It seems to know something that the other seasons miss. There is such a sense closer to some mystery, that we could slip right into it, that other times of year don’t have. And I like the idea of life stepping back to rest a little before going on to the next cycle.

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