Almost Parallel

From Autumn Opens a Door, a collection published in 2015.

Almost Parallel

In the middle of the night
the truck drove by my bedroom window.
Woke me up. Big heavy truck. In the dark
I see a dump truck. I see the driver bounce in his seat
as the truck goes over that uneven patch in the road out front
driving fast, in a hurry. I see the
dashboard light shining on the driver’s face
I see a big cup of coffee in the holder. It’s night and
people need coffee to keep awake although I’d think driving a
great big metal jangle racket truck would do that for you
pretty good. I see the light change at the top of the hill
and the truck rattle off down the highway.
I see none of this and yet
I see it all.
I go back to sleeping and the truck goes on
to wherever it is going
Our short association done and over.

Clay tile - truck on a bridge, 2014.

Clay tile – truck on a bridge, 2014.


12 thoughts on “Almost Parallel

    • I have an opposite situation – one of my neighbors comes home from work just at bedtime and I hear him honk the horn when he locks the car – I know I need to turn off my light and sleep!

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