Haiku 188

Small society.
White blouses without a stain
from a dinner spill


White color collection, paint card, 2015.

White color collection, paint card, 2015.


12 thoughts on “Haiku 188

  1. I’ve definitely been in situation where I’ve thought, I better not wear this white blouse or sweater. Of course, I also have to lint roll myself to get rid of the cat hair. 🙂

  2. Thank you. As for resting, I really feel I’ve spent much of my life doing the things you have to do, etc. etc., and so now, having the time and doing what I want, well, that is a rest, if you ask me!

  3. Yes…to both of these situations. I remember once at work I had to go out after lunch and buy a new blouse (white of course, I mean!) because at lunch I had spilled all over the first one, and I had a meeting that I could not appear with it all over me. Ugh. I still remember the feeling of panic at going in the store and saying to myself – you have ten minutes to find, buy, and change into this new blouse. Ugh again.

  4. Oh yes, ugh!
    A couple of weeks ago, I was eating lunch and maneuvering around a cat. I somehow tipped my salad bowl all over myself and was covered in salad dressing. I was very happy I work from home. 🙂

  5. Me too! Until now, or well, a couple of years ago, I gave my best to my family and just fit my art in wherever I could. And now, until the dog hair builds up in mounds, my time is my own! I spend a lot of time “thinking” as part of my process…so, hahaha……in search of a muse!

  6. I rarely wear any white these days because between food and kids and cats and paint I am just courting disaster. Many a white blouse has been lost to a curry spill in my life.

  7. Yes! And my cat sits on the table and watches me eat. Unlike some others we have had, he has no interest in people food so I am not swatting him away from it. He does the same thing when people visit, it’s embarrassing, but then, I’m home alone most of the time and I like the company at lunch of…my friend the cat.

  8. I have a white sweater. So far it has held up. I wore it to lunch with a friend a few weeks ago and she said, oh you are daring to wear that white sweater to lunch. Then I was consumed with the necessity of not spilling, just to show I didn’t make a mistake wearing it.

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