Affectionate Reception

From Autumn Opens a Door, published in 2015.

Affectionate Reception

The cat raced around the room
when I got home
up the stairs and down the stairs
scratched at the carpet
looked at me to see what I thought of it
rushed up to my ankles, rubbed against them
and lay down on my feet.
This is how I knew
he was happy that I had come back home.

'Maybe, maybe not' - acrylics on recycled dictionary page. 2013.

‘Maybe, maybe not’ – acrylics on recycled dictionary page. 2013.


7 thoughts on “Affectionate Reception

  1. I love the cat’s expression in the painting. 🙂

    I miss my cats when I’m away. Like seriously miss them.
    It’s so funny when cats race around like that. Sometimes one of my races through the house after he uses the litter box. The only explanation I’ve come up with is that the Poop Monster is chasing him.

  2. Yes! I love cat greetings. My two actually have such a strong sense of time and routine that they know when it is getting to the time my oldest son will come home from school. They are off snoozing somewhere but it hits 3pm and they appear and wait near the door for him to arrive. Peanut then likes to be picked up and cuddled by him whereas Satchi does all that leg purring that you describe.

  3. I’m still laughing. What you said!

    Sometimes if I’m out all day I’ll stop at home to say hi to the cat. Or cats, when we had more. My family laughs at me. Especially on vacations when I say how much I miss the cats.

  4. Yes. Our cat knows when we eat dinner (sitting on the sofa) and when it is time, no matter how many moves we make toward sitting down, he knows which time is the real one – and he zooms in and gets into position on the sofa. Not that he has any interest in the food. He wants to get settled in sitting beside me. I love it.

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