17 thoughts on “Tanka 14

  1. For someone who doesn’t have insomnia, you have an excellent sense of what it feels like. The exhaustion and mental pressure to sleep definitely feels like claustrophobia at times.

  2. Thank you. I tried to think how it must feel to be all alone in the night and not wanting to be awake. Sometimes I get this feeling from being in a crowd – kind of trapped. Where you can’t be in the place you want to be – sleep or in an open location, seems similar to me.

  3. Thank you. I never did and I doubt it will happen now and I hope not, because I am afraid of heights. Once I worked in an office on the 5th floor with floor to ceiling glass window in my office and I always took the long way around the desk to avoid going near it.

  4. Same here! Having pounded pavements for most of my (adult) life I can’t wait to feel real ground, the stuff we call soil, under my feet. Even go barefoot these days whenever I can.

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