Spread Across the Night Sky

I was looking through Jane’s challenge at Jane Dougherty Writes and I got pulled in. I don’t usually like challenges, but this one…well, I could not help myself.

Jane said: “a single stanza of five lines of ten syllables each. The five end of line words all rhyme, so I strongly suggest you pick a selection of rhyming words before you start.”

Good advice. So I looked at the image she provided as a prompt, and the word that came to mind was “tapestry”. Sigh. But I did find rhymes for it, and so this is what emerged.

It was fun, Jane. Thanks.

Spread Across the Night Sky

The moon rises. An endless tapestry
spreads out, worked in dark tones. The circuitry
of white-hot stars crafts a geometry
woven out of dreams. Witness pageantry
in the mysteries of asymmetry.


Moon looking down over a peaceful world. Postcard, 2012.


15 thoughts on “Spread Across the Night Sky

  1. Thank you. Once I thought of tapestry I realized that choice might have been too ambitious but…I like the look and sound of the word, and the image it brought up was just so appealing to me, so I tried anyway. Glad I did, I liked the mental process and other words I encountered. I’ll definitely try this one again.

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