From Autumn Opens a Door, published 2015.


I have adjusted to the flaw
in the vision
of my right eye
mostly because my left eye
has taken upon itself the responsibility
of doing not only its own job
but helping out its partner
the right eye who has struggled with Bad Luck
having its retina tear
a year ago
(through no fault of its own, that’s why I say
Bad Luck).
Since the right eye’s Bad Luck,
well, vision depends on the left eye
being willing to manage for two
and thank goodness for that.
I have adjusted to the situation
Three surgeries
Three recuperations. I am very good
at taking eye drops now. I have new glasses.
It has taken one year of my life
to be able to say it:
Thank you. We have all

Clay tile, odd-eyed lady, 2015.

Clay tile, odd-eyed lady, 2015.


4 thoughts on “Accommodations

  1. This is a very autobiographical poem for me, as you know, and I have really felt that my eyes took on their own personalities during the problems. And I have developed a sense of myself as a cooperative enterprise from all of this plus the other things that went wrong over these years!

  2. Oh! What a really great thing to tell me. Thank you so much. This poem means a lot to me because the experience was so overwhelming, and I made several face images with mismatched eyes because of it. The kind of thing that stays with you a long time.

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