Snippets and the Color Silver

From May/June, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Snippets and the Color Silver

  1. I particularly like that second piece. It’s like a galaxy dwarfing that moon. I also like the way the poem seems to combine with the imagery and suggest sending a question out into the universe and hoping for an answer.

  2. Thank you. Once again I have to credit the universe for combining the card and the poem and making them work together. I am just amazed at how this happens and I don’t know how, I am glad you saw it this way. I like this poem a lot for the same reason you said – I find it full of hope.

  3. Thank you. Yes, I agree. When I was choosing how to set the snippets up on the blog these two immediately seemed to want to appear on one post and I am keeping them together in my snippets box now for this same reason.

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