Published in Catch Up With Summer, 2015.


Now, if you defined yourself as a length of time
This year, in fact
what would you say is your true self –
would it be today’s sticky heat-glazed persona?
Are you thin cotton shirts and sleeveless dresses?
Melting ice cream and the smell of chlorine at the pool?
Sunglasses on your face?
You smile,
and since we can’t see your eyes
we are not sure
if you are saying yes or no.

Sun with sunglasses looking at a car small

Artist trading card.


7 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. What an interesting and thought provoking question your poem poses. I feel certain that I am an Autumn day but I will have to reflect and determine precisely what type of day I am.

  2. I wondered if people would do this exact thing when they read it, I am happy to hear it made you think of it. I am sure I am Autumn myself, I think November, early to mid. I also wonder if the fact that my birthday is in November influences me at all. I think so, but…

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