Snippets and Lying

From May, 2016.


25 thoughts on “Snippets and Lying

  1. The second one, that’s usually my tactic.
    As to all those lies flying about…
    Do you know this is the first time it struck me how like magnetic poetry these are? Sometimes my mind takes awhile to be penetrated. (K)

  2. Yes, re magnetic poetry, I thought that from the start, although I really like the physical aspect of moving the words and phrases around vs. the computer, I think it makes a difference (to me, anyway, I am a hands on kind of person). The limited selection of words, the brevity; really appealing and mind-stretching.

  3. I love this! Yes, I know just what you mean. Dickensian, or Trollope type of people (I love reading these kinds of novels, you never know what the snippets will bring out or where they come from, even, as they struggle to emerge!)

  4. I like both. The severe limitations of the magnetic poetry words are interesting to me…how different the end poems can be from one another even so. Reminds me of the story I read about Dr. Seuss and how “The Cat in the Hat” came as a result of a challenge from his editor to use only a certain group of words.

  5. Yes, I remember that, Dr. Seuss and his work of genius, think of what someone else would have done with the same constraints, ugh. And I think the restrictions of working with what you have really focus the mind, and also whatever station I’m tuned into that these snippets are coming from…

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