Private Club

A collage poem from May, 2016.

Private Club 5-16 small

Private Club

The lizards
thoroughly enjoying
a crossword puzzle
See here. I said,
I’d like to try it too
No they said
and we resent being asked.


15 thoughts on “Private Club

  1. Yes, that is a great image to think of, I saw it that way, too, when I did this poem. And then I also thought of the term, “lounge lizard”, a staple character of lots of noir fiction or 1930’s or 1940’s thrillers – it fit the bill, too. This one turned out very full of atmosphere, just with that one word – lizard. I try not to go for a shock value word just on sensationalism or incongruity, and I don’t think using it here instead of something more conventional (like – I don’t know – debutantes???) is in that category, maybe because “lizard” is applied to humans as well as animals, where maybe – zebra – let’s say, would be just – outlandish and wouldn’t get the layers of meaning. Snippets – the new way to wring my head in two! But I like this exact thinking/writing process, very much.

  2. And I don’t blame them for wanting to keep things exclusive – not everyone can understand the workings of the reptilian brain and having to explain could get tiring…

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