Discovery Leads to Unmet Needs

Published in summer 2015 as part of the collection Catch Up With Summer.

Discovery Leads to Unmet Needs

Algebra is such an absorbing subject. The students
at the next library table are living proof
of it as they sit
in front of their open textbooks.
Stifled laughter and
hint at aspects of the discipline
unfamiliar to me though
I did hear mention of equations
which I knew about.
Possibly I need to ask
which section they are taking
because my class
has had nothing like this to offer.

small mixed media artwork, about 3" x 3", 2010.

small mixed media artwork, about 3″ x 3″, 2010.


5 thoughts on “Discovery Leads to Unmet Needs

  1. Perfect union of artwork and poem. I don’t recall algebra ever causing me much mirth. I would even be suspicious of my math loving son if I should hear him giggle over his algebra homework.

  2. That’s why I felt the need to get into that particular class these happy college students were in. If it were actually math making them so happy, that is. … I had my suspicions…. Not!

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