Scandalously Pleased

A collage poem from May, 2016.

Scandalously Cleaned 5-16 small

Scandalously Pleased

I wanted to gossip
as quietly as possible
I didn’t want there to be any embarrassment
but just look at the dirty laundry
that We’ll have to wash


21 thoughts on “Scandalously Pleased

  1. Marvelous! It’s the “sorry not sorry” of the local gossip. It reminds me actually of a few people I know who on Facebook are always writing about people needing to mind their own business and stop gossiping about them while simultaneously over sharing details from their private life on the same platform.

  2. Yes, the human ability to have two conflicting thoughts in process at one time, well, it is amazing. Disconcerting. Usually entertaining, though, unless it drives you crazy!

  3. Walking past cafés can be an amusing experience. I passed a couple of nicely dressed middle-aged women sitting on a café terrace having an animated conversation. One of them was just shouting at the other “But the marmotte is a mammal!” God knows what they’d been arguing about!

  4. I wish I could remember the exact wording of what I heard one workman on a building site say to another about the forces of evil, but I wished I could have lingered to hear what turn the conversation took.

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