Curve Ball Came Back and Hit Me

From Catch Up With Summer, published in summer 2015.

Curve Ball Came Back and Hit Me

One day I got tired of it all
Shouted out the truth
slammed down the phone
Our next conversation
which would never have occurred
in any world where logic has a place
ignored the previous one
so thoroughly that I wondered
if I had hallucinated it.
You have to admire such a stubborn refusal to hear
what you don’t want to hear
though not when it’s

blue conversation small

artist trading card, 2014.


11 thoughts on “Curve Ball Came Back and Hit Me

  1. Unfortunately this describes a scenario that is also familiar to me. Some people are impervious to absorbing what they hear and growing as a result. Since we can’t change them, we have to changed our response and relationship to them.

  2. Yes. Passive aggressive, I think. Or an extreme form of self defense if you are the person doing it. Because maybe the seemingly coherent narrator can’t be directly confronted. Now I’m really making up a soap opera episode…

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