Color Scheme

From Catch Up With Summer, a poetry collection published in the summer of 2015.

Color Scheme

The yellow-pink sun comes through the window
staining our faces with a healthy glow we don’t have
spending our days under fluorescent lights
as we do. Sitting on the train as the sun comes up
is a high percentage of our daily exposure
to what is called nature. We get to the city soon enough.
Stumble out onto the street.
By then the sun is full strength white light.
The office is dark after outdoors and it stays that way.
We sit at our desks and take very few steps all day.
Our faces dim.
When we go out in the evening the light
is blue in the shadows of the buildings.
Our faces are faded, diminished.
By the time we get home we are gray.

"Moonlit Cityscape" - linoleum block print, 2008 (?)

“Moonlit Cityscape” – linoleum block print, 2008 (?)


8 thoughts on “Color Scheme

  1. I spent maybe three years working underground (they called it a “lower mezzanine”). When we moved to another office I got an interior office, no windows. When I shut the door I felt I was in a walk-in closet. Ugh.

  2. Yes. I remember many things about those years and most of it kind of surreal, and I think working without windows did strange things to us (or else somehow that department was a nexus for weird…)

  3. Thank you. It is a block print done on a linoleum-like substance, can’t remember its name, but it is a bit softer than lino and easier to work. This piece was an experiment to see how it went.

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