Change from the Outside In

From the collection published in summer 2015, Catch Up With Summer.

Change From the Outside In

I bought a new towel
to take to the pool
New bathing suit
New goggles
New tote bag.
Accessorized differently
maybe this summer will be different
from the ones I remember
where all I did was swim lengths
in practice or swim meets and
the sunlight I saw was mostly
bouncing off the bottom of the pool.
I don’t know how to do anything but swim laps
but this year I’m going to try to learn
something different
about the pool
such as floating on my back
and looking up at the sky.

"Miles of Ocean and Sky" - collage - 2001 (?)

“Miles of Ocean and Sky” – collage – 2001 (?)


8 thoughts on “Change from the Outside In

  1. Yes. In the water I have always felt at home. Since I was a child. In different ways. Now I hope to find my way to a new way of thinking about swimming and add a new phase to my aquatic life…

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