Snippets and Secrets

From April, 2016.


15 thoughts on “Snippets and Secrets

    • Thanks. Snippets don’t waste motion or effort, they just get their message out there and no doubt about it. I really think that there is some sort of magic, karma, inner truth, or something, that these expose to me when I do them.

  1. These are great. I laughed aloud at #1.
    I once had a math teacher who like to say that everything she liked was either illegal, immoral or fattening. She would have approved. (K)

      • She was great, Mrs. Llewellyn. She seemed ancient at the time, probably she was the age I am now. But she had learned a few things over the years.
        The edge will always be waiting.

      • I had 3 really great teachers at that, my first, high school. Had we not moved for 11th grade, I think my life would have made a different journey. I even remember the students better from that school, which is not the one I graduated from! Funny how memory works…

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