Campus Mystery

From the collection Catch Up With Summer, published summer 2015.

Campus Mystery

I’m working away here in the library and coincidentally
serving as a real live model of
someone studying at the very same time.

The campus tours passing through. That’s my audience.
The high-schoolers look right past me and out the window at the athletic fields.
They do not worry much about studying.
Their parents do.

I don’t go to school here
In fact I don’t go to school at all yet I’m fitting right in.

I’m plenty old enough to be a faculty member
maybe one near retirement but I’m not dressed right.
No one will make the mistake of thinking me some old scholar
I’d be working in my faculty office not the library
though I do have on my reading glasses.

I’m enjoying my very minor role
unidentifiable as it is. Being impossible to classify is in fact my
I may say. As proof,
you still don’t know
why I’m here in the library at all, do you?

"Mystery Lady" - acrylics on paper, sometime around 2005-2007 (?)

“Mystery Lady” – acrylics on paper, sometime around 2005-2007 (?)


7 thoughts on “Campus Mystery

  1. I’m having fun discovering new and old friends in your books…I’ll be on the lookout for this one, it’s a gem. And the painting is perfect to accompany it. (K)

  2. The other common thread in this series (aside from the location and theme of studying) strikes me as being about people’s assumptions and expectations of other people, the way we read and analyze people but also project onto them.

  3. Thank you. I did this painting a while back and at the time I thought, What??? but it just seemed right. Now I look at the photo and I like it better and better. Some things just have to grow on you?

  4. Yes. Exactly. I am an observer more than a person who wants the spotlight, so I tend to examine what is going on and then what I think, and what they might think, and so on, and this while others are actually conversing, and I’m eavesdropping. But I like my role in society and in documenting it!

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