Book Bird

Originally published in the collection Catch Up With Summer, from 2015.

Book Bird

Here on the second floor
I’m almost sitting on a tree branch
I would be resting my feet on that knothole there
if the window glass weren’t in the way
but instead they’re settled on the flowered carpet
here in this room
a large room, and pleasantly shabby
full of books. You have guessed right
if you think I may be describing a library.
I’m in front of a feast here of books
Perched ready to dart and alight
to start pecking
at the lavish supply of words before me
greedy for them

Library montage.

Library montage.


4 thoughts on “Book Bird

  1. This poem sparked off lots of ideas for me because the imagery was so rich. The idea of books leading to imagination taking flight, the connection between the paper of the books and the wood of the trees, and the idea of books being the fruit of knowledge. Love it!

  2. You are welcome. I’m glad you find my responses interesting. I’ve known some writers who find it irritating because they have their own view and don’t care to know alternatives.

  3. Oh no. I am thrilled at the idea my work can have meanings I didn’t know I was conveying. Just as with my art. I think it’s a sign of depth in what I’m doing and I really hope for that. Plus you pay careful attention to word choice and shades of meaning as they supplement the overt message, something I try to consider in my writing, so it makes me happy for more and more levels of meaning to be found.

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