Incoherent: 5

The last bits of “Incoherent”. For now, from this source, anyway. That’s all I can promise.


10 thoughts on “Incoherent: 5

  1. I love the background on the second piece. It at once suggested to me a map of a river through an exotic desert landscape and a geode cracked open. I think the final line of the first poem works superbly with that strong circle in the background – it’s end is indeed unfinished because it’s circular rather than linear.

  2. They are to break – to grill,
    as the end to this,
    for the occasion,
    was unfinished.

    Fabulous, all –
    the traitor hidden,
    one single clue………. “the incoherent”.

    – Opening to the mystery novel, “Terrorist Kisses at the Poet’s BBQ” .

    Love your work. 🙂

  3. Thank you! They are postcard size – 6 inches by 4.25 inches. I paint them on recycled cardboard from boxes and then collage over them or whatever. This is the way I make a lot of small artworks, in this size and using these materials, as well as collage poems.

  4. Thank you. As for how I prepare the cardboard, it depends. If I use cardboard from a regular box, I just start in with paint or collage or whatever. But I mostly use cardboard from cereal, cracker, etc., boxes, with a shinier side and a rougher side. I use either side, depending on what I want. The rougher side, once again, I just start to work. The shiny side, sometimes I paint or collage directly, or I might gesso it first, which changes the surface and gives it more bite. This decision just depends on my mood and also what materials I might be using.

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