Big Game Hunting

From Catch Up With Summer, a collection published in summer 2015.

Big Game Hunting

At the packaging store this lady
purchases a roll of bubble wrap
so large
she and I could surround it only
if we linked hands
although why we’d want to do that
I can’t explain.
She does not need any help to lift it
she hefts it herself quite easily
after all, it’s only air.
Expensive air
but think about it
Someone had to stalk and catch
the air
and then get it to settle down
in the multitude of little plastic cells because
It didn’t go in there all on its own, did it?

Air conditioner, 2015.

Air conditioner, 2015.


12 thoughts on “Big Game Hunting

  1. Meanwhile, there are those intent on setting that air free, popping bubble after bubble. Not rejoicing at the rhythm of those snaps and pops, as some might expect, but glad to be able to allow the air to be free-range, once again.

  2. Yes. Free as air, the saying goes, but not if imprisoned in bubble wrap. Someone has to take care of this problem and thankfully someone is doing it every minute of the day, probably, somewhere in this world. Snap. Pop. Snap!

  3. Isn’t bubble wrap wonderful? It at once seems ridiculous and yet supremely useful. I was always the custodian of the massive roll of bubble wrap used for my club’s art exhibitions and it really was an internal battle to resist the temptation to not pop those bubbles. So tantalising. Any time something arrives bubble wrapped into the house, my youngest grabs it and pops all the bubbles. My Dad once placed a sheet of bubble wrap beneath the carpet tiles at his work so that his customers, upon entering the office area, would set it off. I am pretty sure he was more amused by the jape than his customers were.

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