Better Than the Country Club

From the collection Catch Up With Summer, published in summer 2015.

Better Than the Country Club

Remedy for a very hot day
in the middle of summer:
fill up a plastic baby pool
in your back yard
put on your bathing suit
sit in the pool all afternoon.
In a pinch, putting your feet
into a bucket of cold water
will work as well.
Neither requires a membership
fancy accessories
or transportation and
the cicadas
throw in their strumming music
for free.

"Swimmers" - collage, 2002 (?)

“Swimmers” – collage, 2002 (?)


23 thoughts on “Better Than the Country Club

  1. Thank you. It was actually very small; maybe it was about 8″ x 6″? I did it from a photograph taken at my local pool, many years ago – I mean, both the photo and the collage, years ago.

  2. Thank you. Collage is like anything else, it’s practice and practice. I made and sold only collages like this at art fairs for maybe 6-8 years, so I made hundreds, if not thousands. This was a later one in the process and it’s really pretty small, maybe 6″ x 8″, as I remember.

  3. It’s my ambition to try all art movements and techniques before I go on to the next life in which I have no idea if there will be art supplies! So I have to hurry! Thank you.

  4. Thank. I like cicadas but they can be – monotonous…I know I’ve mentioned in them in other poems that I can’t remember right now, because they are such a part of August scenery around here…

  5. Superb collage and great advice. We don’t have a pool membership as its too much money for a family of our size to commit to any one activity. My remedy is to blast the hose on the kids ever so often.

  6. Wow. Not even sure how to respond but I hear you. Thousands. Just trying to fathom this! Beautiful job. I’m going to try incorporating more paper into my work so we’ll see how that goes. Practice practice is right!

  7. Well, this did all happen over twenty years, and for a lot of that time doing art was my main focus – for pleasure but also for making money, which did tend to discipline me into spending a lot of (pleasant) time on it. I also work pretty fast.

  8. I love the hose, I do it myself after yard work quite often. And the sprinkler is great, too. I heartily recommend the plastic pool. Even the tiny ones are refreshing and I see they make really big ones these days, too. I belong to the township pool, very inexpensive even for a family (less than $200) for the summer. It’s been a great thing over the years especially at that price. I don’t know if you have one or not.

  9. Thank you. I love the water and I swim a lot (in a regular pool) but I remember in my 20’s couldn’t afford to go to a pool in summer so my roommates and I got a plastic pool and we were set for the season. Great memories and a good way to stay cool.

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