Better Than the Country Club

From the collection Catch Up With Summer, published in summer 2015.

Better Than the Country Club

Remedy for a very hot day
in the middle of summer:
fill up a plastic baby pool
in your back yard
put on your bathing suit
sit in the pool all afternoon.
In a pinch, putting your feet
into a bucket of cold water
will work as well.
Neither requires a membership
fancy accessories
or transportation and
the cicadas
throw in their strumming music
for free.

"Swimmers" - collage, 2002 (?)

“Swimmers” – collage, 2002 (?)


23 thoughts on “Better Than the Country Club

    • Thank. I like cicadas but they can be – monotonous…I know I’ve mentioned in them in other poems that I can’t remember right now, because they are such a part of August scenery around here…

    • Thank you. Collage is like anything else, it’s practice and practice. I made and sold only collages like this at art fairs for maybe 6-8 years, so I made hundreds, if not thousands. This was a later one in the process and it’s really pretty small, maybe 6″ x 8″, as I remember.

      • Wow. Not even sure how to respond but I hear you. Thousands. Just trying to fathom this! Beautiful job. I’m going to try incorporating more paper into my work so we’ll see how that goes. Practice practice is right!

      • Well, this did all happen over twenty years, and for a lot of that time doing art was my main focus – for pleasure but also for making money, which did tend to discipline me into spending a lot of (pleasant) time on it. I also work pretty fast.

    • Thank you. It was actually very small; maybe it was about 8″ x 6″? I did it from a photograph taken at my local pool, many years ago – I mean, both the photo and the collage, years ago.

  1. Superb collage and great advice. We don’t have a pool membership as its too much money for a family of our size to commit to any one activity. My remedy is to blast the hose on the kids ever so often.

    • I love the hose, I do it myself after yard work quite often. And the sprinkler is great, too. I heartily recommend the plastic pool. Even the tiny ones are refreshing and I see they make really big ones these days, too. I belong to the township pool, very inexpensive even for a family (less than $200) for the summer. It’s been a great thing over the years especially at that price. I don’t know if you have one or not.

    • Thank you. I love the water and I swim a lot (in a regular pool) but I remember in my 20’s couldn’t afford to go to a pool in summer so my roommates and I got a plastic pool and we were set for the season. Great memories and a good way to stay cool.

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