Incoherent: 4

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9 thoughts on “Incoherent: 4

  1. Thank you. For me I think this one really sounds frantic and scared. I am continually astounded by how a limited number of words can be configured to do this kind of thing and evoke a feeling. Especially when in these Incoherent ones, I was using the left over words from all the other collage poems, and there were not that many to choose from.

  2. I like the first one–the kind of wry tone. Ooops. Too bad. “Too late for the excursion.”

    In the second one, “clue” stands out for me, and then I love the ending: “not far-fetched under avoidance of confusion.”

  3. Thank you. The excursion one lined itself up and all I had to do was glue, it seemed. The other one, I like the vagueness and back and forth undecided nature of it.

    I just love snippets!

  4. I really like just painting backgrounds, for various purposes – it is freeing not to have to think of them as a “composition” but just enjoy putting paint to paper (or cardboard, in this case!)

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