Basic Misunderstanding Way Back When

From the poetry collection Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Basic Misunderstanding Way Back When

I was owed and I didn’t get.
That’s what you have told me
again and again
but you were not specific
as to amounts or dates.
I cannot help you unless
I have more facts.
Of which there are not any,
am I correct?
Your face is turning red, sir
should I call for medical help?
I’d like to make things right
I think you may have misunderstood
the nature of the basic contract
we offer here.
Which is
none. I would suggest
you check the fine print
but there is
of course

Group of word tiles, clay, 2010.

Group of word tiles, clay, 2010.


11 thoughts on “Basic Misunderstanding Way Back When

  1. Oh yeah! And all day long if we pay attention and our heads don’t explode! Things can get to you if you let them. I’m trying not to let them. Writing helps.

  2. !!! Glad to hear it.

    I made a million (ok, maybe just a lot) of these a while back and included them as my contribution for swag bags given out at a craft show I do each December. Seeing this photo makes me want to do some more of them.

  3. I love the poem, and the tiles… oh, the tiles! Verbs and timely words, and then all of a sudden “moon”. I really like to see the moon in there. It first seems like an odd word, but no, it makes perfectly sense. The shape that guides us in the distance. Eternally round and reliable (or, depending on how you see it, unreliable, changing the vibes). I’d love to see more of your word tiles, if you have them and feel like sharing!

  4. Thank you. I made these tiles about 5 or 6 years ago and gave them away (in groups of three) as inserts for a swag bag for a show I do each December. I took pictures of them in different configurations for the reasons you mention – the unexpected meanings that cropped up. I had originally set the parameters of the project that any word would do as long as it was four letters (being the size tile I wanted to make). I don’t have any right now but this photo reminded me of them, and I will be doing more. Thanks for being interested as you gave me momentum to take up another phase of word tiles…!

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