Aptitude and Its Expression

From the poetry collection published in summer 2015, Catch Up With Summer.

Aptitude and Its Expression

People don’t have to go to school to learn
how to think a lot of themselves
while being as foolish as they can be.
You didn’t.
It’s a talent
and you’re good at it.
If only it paid a little better
but its value is low –
it’s a very common

Robot I made in a class at the library, 2013.

Robot I made in a class at the library, 2013.


23 thoughts on “Aptitude and Its Expression

  1. Thank you Claudia, for my beginning of the day smile, I’m feeling a bit sluggish and now I know just what to do, I need to be silly and foolish!!

  2. As a kid, I used to make “robots” with cardboard boxes instead of cans for the basic body (so I could fill their insides with robot “parts” as well). Filled my room with ’em!

  3. See? I think we are homing in on something here. Sounds like something that you could take up again, right where you left off, and I know I’d like to see one…Just saying…

  4. hee hee! Afraid my creative urges are all funneled into baking, these days. I won’t put time into making something unless I can eat the outcome!

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