Analyzing Analysis

From Catch Up With Summer, 2015.

Analyzing Analysis

Two women sit at the lunch table
the one in front of mine.
Blond curly hair. Raspy voice. Talks a lot.
Short dark pageboy. Whispery voice. Hardly says a word.
Blond issues a stream of speech
intense and non-stop
into Pageboy’s face. Pageboy does not flinch.
There is some serious relationship talk going on
or maybe it’s family problems
or both. There is trouble with a man and
I gather his first wife always had dinner on the table
every night at six.
Pageboy doesn’t get a word in
and I wonder how she might feel
about dinner on the table at six.

Clay tile. Two women in wary conversation, 2014.

Clay tile. Two women in wary conversation, 2014.


22 thoughts on “Analyzing Analysis

  1. Yes. Yes. Ultra yes, from me. I am trying to stop it from happening as often now by being more selective as to who (whom?) has a real case and who is just — whining.

  2. Thank you. Everyday life. The ultimate adventure. I’m telling you, we are spoiled for choice in this world, as to interesting events, and we often don’t even know it. Eavesdropping in the grocery store café being one of them!

  3. Yes. I am intensely curious about people and their everyday stories and it seems that I read a page out of this person’s book and then this other person’s and so on, but not the whole volume, just that one bit, and it’s so good for my imagination!

  4. Thank you. People are the grist for my mill, aren’t they? Sounds like it would hurt them, but they all walk away fine, leaving me plenty to think about!

  5. Yes. It was even worse before my cataract operation and I was more near-sighted and I couldn’t see people seeing me seeing them. But now, I realize, I’ve been fixing people with a sort of glare for years as I try to see and hear them, and I can see them looking back at me. Puzzled. Well, it’s all good, as long as I get my material!

  6. I have had his work recommended to me several times and so – I have just gone to our library’s county-wide site and ordered one of his works. Thank you on many counts!

  7. I will. By the way, I think you reminded me of Portrait of a Lady some time ago? If it was you, I did re-read it (sorry if I mentioned this already) and I was as annoyed with Isabel Archer as I was 30 years ago, while understanding that of course things were different back in her day, but still…

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