Snippets and Shades of Meaning

From March, 2016.

28 thoughts on “Snippets and Shades of Meaning

  1. Yes, I think so, but I also think it’s not a new trend, just we have better communication of each time it happens, in an instant, and that is overwhelming, isn’t it?

  2. Yes, I have trouble filtering and I have to remind myself (and I am getting better at this) that I don’t have to think about everything, pay attention to everything, etc. I can decide!

  3. Thank you. I am struck by my snippets that are getting posted now but are from a little while back. It is getting kind of strange how they are fitting in to today.

  4. I LOVE that image. Wow! Now you have made me see it too, and it is just perfect. I’ll add the detail of just a little mud for the crane to be picking its way through.

  5. That would make me the oracle’s vessel, and I choose to be a tree, if I may ask, in this myth we are creating. A big one, with lots of leaves and long branches.

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