Advice Column

From the collection Catch Up With Summer, published summer 2015.

Advice Column

Well, so you told me your troubles.
You met that woman in February.
Sold your furniture and gave up your apartment in March.
Broke up with that woman and moved out in July.
Well, you old fool,
and I mean it,
you’re seventy-five if you’re a day,
someone your age should know better. My goodness.
Still, I see you’re heartbroken,
shuffling your feet and looking down,
so I tell you what I always say
in romance-gone-wrong:
It wasn’t meant to be
I am so sorry
You’ll meet someone else.
Although I wonder because
At your age you could drop dead at any time.
My advice?
Next time
don’t sell your furniture.

Paperdolls, 2014

Paperdolls, 2014


8 thoughts on “Advice Column

  1. Yes, this is based on a story lived out by someone I know as an acquaintance, not well, so I filled in some gaps. I felt the same way, thinking about the story, and that’s why I felt prompted to write. People really follow patterns, don’t they, no matter their age, their location, whatever.

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