A Simple Pleasure and Coming So Late in the Day

From my collection published in summer 2015, Catch Up With Summer. I have written several poems about Raquel – she died in August, 2015, and I still miss her. This one was written about six weeks before her death.

A Simple Pleasure and Coming So Late in the Day

Raquel our cat
is old
very old
thin and her spine is sharp
when I brush her fur.
I reach the places where she is too stiff to turn
and do it herself
She likes it.
She purrs and
She never flinches
Even though I try very hard not to scrape along
her well-defined backbone
I am sure I do. I remember when
she was a roly-poly middle-aged cat
and I couldn’t have told you
if she had any bones.
Now I know she does.
As I look at her,
she nudges me
very politely
with her pink nose and so
I get out the brush.

Raquel, in 2006.

Raquel, in 2006.


22 thoughts on “A Simple Pleasure and Coming So Late in the Day

  1. Thank you, it is funny, Raquel was quiet and stoic, and yet very faithful. In her long life, she always had her dignity but that didn’t stop her from keeping a close eye on everything I did. I miss her even a year later.

  2. It’s making me happy to hear this poem reminds people of their own cats. And I am glad to add Victoria to this list – I am glad the poem brought up good thoughts. It made me happy to re-read it and remember writing it, and to remember Raquel.

  3. I am glad to hear this. I still miss Rocky, as we nicknamed her, and she did love being brushed, there at the end of her life – it seemed to soothe her (as well as keep her skin healthy and clean under her fur which was the idea, she wasn’t able to clean herself well enough) and I also found it soothing.

  4. It’s been a year and I still think of her pretty much every day. Funny how that is, and it sounds like you know what it feels like. And cats do get an old-age style of body, don’t they, just as people do – there are characteristics that tell you, and that spine is one of them…She really did like being brushed at the end, and she had never really liked it before that. It was as if she let me help her when she wouldn’t before. I still like remembering that.

  5. Mac has been gone a year and a couple of weeks. His body was sunken and his fur so thin. But he was more loving than ever. He was my face-kissing cat. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a lot of empathy for you!

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