A Prickly Feeling Inside My Head

From Catch Up With Summer, a collection published in 2015.

A Prickly Feeling Inside My Head

The squirrel scratched his way up the tree
and dove into a hole in the trunk
a big knothole
a residence for at least that one squirrel
while a couple of others spiraled up the tree
in a frantic chase scene that could only lead
to trouble.
Leaves shook above my head.
Despite my total lack of intention
I was prying. I was
an intruder walking on the sidewalk.
I was the audience to a drama
not meant for me.
I crossed to the other side of the street.

artist trading card.

artist trading card.


15 thoughts on “A Prickly Feeling Inside My Head

  1. I don’t think they’re particularly ill-tempered. They seem quite playful, or perhaps they’re the young ones. I like watching them chase each other and play.

  2. I was curious so I looked it up. Apparently we have a red squirrel but it looks mostly like a reddish tail is the reason for the name. They don’t seem to live near me. Now, your Euro. red squirrel, another story. Wow! Very beautiful. Our squirrels here are gray, sometimes tending toward black in the tail, and ratlike.

  3. European red squirrels are delicate creatures with beautiful fur. The parks are invaded by grey squirrels that are bigger and brawnier and don’t mind cohabiting with human beings. The reds stick to the wilder areas.

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