From the Loose Ends Poetry Marathon, February, 2016.


Twitch. Twitch. I feel it
as the door opens.
I feel it
as the door closes with a hissing drawn out sigh
cut off by a thud.
But not silence. No. A clatter
of feet on the wood floor
of voices that call out. Coats being shed and
hung up in the closet. I hear the hangers rattle together.
I twitch. Friendly voices. Let’s sit on the sofa and talk
voices. I twitch. I am friendly myself but today
I am not. No. I am really not friendly. Am I? I have friends but
I twitch at having someone
come into my house and we talk. About anything. I twitch
when I get a washer delivered. I twitch
when I say hello to the postman.
I have a broad definition for socializing and it includes
seeing cars go by on the street. I twitch. Please. Who let you in and
how fast can you leave
I twitch.


14 thoughts on “Appropriation

  1. Thank you. I am easily overwhelmed in situations where there a lot of people (say five or more) and as I get older, I like to stay by myself more and more and space out the society-sessions!

  2. I’m not quite at this level, but I’m used to being home alone with the cats or just my husband. I’m not at ease in large groups where I’m supposed to mingle and make small talk.

  3. I love the way this is written to have the atmosphere of a thriller – maybe a siege scene. I smiled at the definition of socializing including passing cars. I can totally empathize with this attitude. I’m very much an introvert. I do like company but in managed, controlled doses. Unexpected visitors make me very twitchy.

  4. Yes, I can do it, but it wears me out quickly, to go around chatting in large gatherings. I think it’s one day rest for every hour at a party! OK, maybe not that bad, but…

  5. I get uneasy just thinking about any new situation…throw in a bunch of people, and yikes! But the thoughts about it are always worse than reality I think.

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