Incoherent: 1

I gathered up all my cut out phrases and words I have accumulated from the recent focus on snippets and collage poetry. I just grabbed and pasted and glued and came up with some poems, surprisingly enough, given what seemed to me to be more an expression of cleaning up my work area than thinking.

Some make more sense than others. Some you have to fill in the blanks, maybe – make some leaps. I kind of liked this little group and so I kept them. I’ll post them over the next few weeks – code word: Incoherent!

Here are two – the final ones of the series. Why not do everything backwards or sideways here, right?


14 thoughts on “Incoherent: 1

  1. “a secret hope beside me as I write”…love that. Reminds me how sometimes the Dadaists just tossed words up in the air and put them together that way. Like an oracle. (K)

  2. This is like someone talking on the phone on a line that keeps breaking up. The rest of the words are hovering in the air over the telegraph wires somewhere.

  3. I took my leftover words, sorted them into rough groups, and then started gluing, the idea in my head that you could take different paths through them, and I was surprised how much sense the nonsense could make. I love Dada, the art, the philosophy, etc., and thank you for that comparison.

  4. I love this description. That there is sense somewhere, but it’s coming in pieces. That’s exactly how I felt in making these. There is a hint of something, some message, but we’ve got to put it together. I generally like things to be very explicit but this mystery thing here, I like it. I’ll try it again.

  5. Oh good, another convert! I highly recommend it, there is something very focusing about pushing the little pieces of paper around and setting them in place.

  6. Yes, that is what I think, you are just on the edge of getting the whole story, but you have to fill in the gaps. And how you do that, is part of the experience, the fun, whatever, I think. (I am quite an eavesdropper, I admit it, if you are going to talk loudly in my vicinity I am going to listen, so maybe that’s where the appeal of this comes from for me.)

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