Snippets and Your Embarrassing Mom, But She Doesn’t Care

From June, 2016.

Snippet 10 6-30-16 small


13 thoughts on “Snippets and Your Embarrassing Mom, But She Doesn’t Care

  1. Sometimes she does, but whatever she does it’s always wrong…(spoken as someone who has been on both sides of this issue) (K)

  2. Luckily I have come out on the other side of this issue and now my child thinks I mostly am right, and my embarrassingness is often appealing in a “look at her” kind of way! I think I may have crossed over into retirement age without noticing….

  3. I’m not sure if my children are more embarrassed or exasperated. Well, I also continually embarrass and exasperate myself, so I can’t blame them…and I try to remember how intolerant I was of my own mother at times. What goes around…

  4. Well that’s a parent who’s doing things right. I have a high embarrassment threshold so my parents rarely managed to mortifying me and it seems my kids don’t find me too bad either. However, I think if the worst thing your kids can say about you is that you sometimes make them cringe then it’s a job well done. It also gives them something low level and petty to rebel against.

  5. Yes, I was the same. I’ve always felt I was an autonomous phenomenon and so the vagaries of my relatives had nothing to do with me (except as I had to pitch in sometimes to help fix. I didn’t usually require help coming my way, thank goodness for that, or the embarrassment might have gone up). I agree with the low-level rebellion aspect – very useful in managing a family, to be embarrassing to them!

  6. Thank you, it was entirely serendipitous! Something that I’m very grateful for in life and in art, the chance event, the chance thought. Happy Thursday to you, I am glad to hear from you, as always.

  7. You bet. Double you bet. I’ve done my time! Now that I’ve got things more together, well, the opinions of the man/woman on the street matter less and less!!!

  8. Oh yes. Well, I decided I’ve spent enough time looking at myself from outside and finding things on the deficient side, and so now, I’m just plowing ahead. I really do think I have reached the time of life I have been waiting for.

  9. Thank you. As a life-long glasses wearer, I feel my specs are a body part now, can’t imagine being without them! And as for the Mom part, well, I want to live out this part – I love the description of it as “airy attitude” – that’s my goal for me!

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