Snippets and Your Embarrassing Mom, But She Doesn’t Care

From June, 2016.

Snippet 10 6-30-16 small


13 thoughts on “Snippets and Your Embarrassing Mom, But She Doesn’t Care

    • Luckily I have come out on the other side of this issue and now my child thinks I mostly am right, and my embarrassingness is often appealing in a “look at her” kind of way! I think I may have crossed over into retirement age without noticing….

      • I’m not sure if my children are more embarrassed or exasperated. Well, I also continually embarrass and exasperate myself, so I can’t blame them…and I try to remember how intolerant I was of my own mother at times. What goes around…

      • Oh yes. Well, I decided I’ve spent enough time looking at myself from outside and finding things on the deficient side, and so now, I’m just plowing ahead. I really do think I have reached the time of life I have been waiting for.

    • Thank you, it was entirely serendipitous! Something that I’m very grateful for in life and in art, the chance event, the chance thought. Happy Thursday to you, I am glad to hear from you, as always.

  1. Well that’s a parent who’s doing things right. I have a high embarrassment threshold so my parents rarely managed to mortifying me and it seems my kids don’t find me too bad either. However, I think if the worst thing your kids can say about you is that you sometimes make them cringe then it’s a job well done. It also gives them something low level and petty to rebel against.

    • Yes, I was the same. I’ve always felt I was an autonomous phenomenon and so the vagaries of my relatives had nothing to do with me (except as I had to pitch in sometimes to help fix. I didn’t usually require help coming my way, thank goodness for that, or the embarrassment might have gone up). I agree with the low-level rebellion aspect – very useful in managing a family, to be embarrassing to them!

    • Thank you. As a life-long glasses wearer, I feel my specs are a body part now, can’t imagine being without them! And as for the Mom part, well, I want to live out this part – I love the description of it as “airy attitude” – that’s my goal for me!

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