Want Ad

A collage poem from my collage poetry book. Now my debt to this project is paid: this poem is the last one in the volume.

Want Ad collage poem book 4-15 small

Want Ad

Read it for yourself
the newspaper story
the page with
broken hearts on paper
in the middle of the


6 thoughts on “Want Ad

  1. I’ve always been struck by how the stories full of drama, emotion, pathos, etc., of everyday life, are set next to cheerful and loud exhortations to buy a sofa or check out better hearing aids – somehow the banal and the extreme in juxtaposition intensifies each one. I still read a print newspaper and I examine almost every page in this way.

  2. That’s so true. It’s jarring sometimes.
    I remember I did a headline haiku long ago about that same idea, when the Mexican students first disappeared. Which brings to mind how I haven’t done headline haiku in ages. The newspaper is too sad these days I think.
    And of course time. I can’t get hold of it at all these days.

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