Back to collage poetry! A collage poem from my collage poetry book.

Hollow collage poem book 4-15 small


this evening
a light drizzle.
cold and wet outside
in the house
The party so charming
polite laughter
a lonely sound.
these people deep in gossip
laughed Alone.


12 thoughts on “Hollow

  1. Last night I had a dream that I had got together with your son to open the Claudia McGill Collaged Poetry Library. It was a single, beautifully-designed bookcase in a sort of oval shape in two contrasting woods. I’ve no idea why you weren’t there yourself – I seem to remember your son saying that you were busy – but it was a rather nice, literature-based dream. Certainly beats being chased by murderous shadowy figures!

  2. This poem gave me a sort of flashback feeling I can’t quite filter into words yet. I know that feeling of being among people, being superficially sociable, but feeling detached and isolated.

  3. OMG. I just can’t stop laughing. !!! I have so much to say about this, such as, my thanks for this honor, and I love the facility design. And I apologize for being so rude as to skip my own opening, and thank you for doing it for me. I’ll have to speak to my son and see why he didn’t work harder to persuade me to participate, although it’s nice to see he showed up himself.

    Like I said, I just can’t stop laughing. I love this. If I ever wonder if I’ve made a difference with my writing in one little way, now I know! Fantastic! You made my day.

  4. This expresses why I hate parties and I don’t want to go to them anymore, not that I really ever did, but now, I’m not a group effort kind of person and proud of it! We could stand outside together, we don’t have to talk, just drip in peace.

  5. I get a blast of this kind of feeling at every party I ever go too and very often in pretty much any situation with more than 3 people or so. I have wondered if it is a way to remove myself from something too stimulating or overwhelming when I can’t actually get away.

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