Surprise Poetry Marathon – Day 3

This morning I woke up with a very sore right arm and shoulder. Not sure why, but I think it could be related to my all-out assault on the cross-country trail at Fort Washington State Park yesterday morning. I’m working to get back into shape from my various health issues and now that all my ailments are all fixed up, I’ve dedicated this summer to the effort.

Anyway, that’s another story for another time – but I will say that when I get out there to run, I don’t pay attention to minor problems (like falling down, skidding on gravel, wrenching myself around fallen logs, and my favorite, the thorny-rosebush-hanging-over-the-trail face-scratching maneuver). I have learned that things I don’t notice at the time often come back to haunt me – the next day.

Therefore the shoulder. I hesitated to spend so much time typing today.  It hurt. Surprise! A thought. Today could be a snippets day…Hmmm

collage poetry sign 6-16 small

I felt I could manage the situation – I keep all my snippets material in a box, and I could just haul it with me.

But where to do this kind of work — and who would not look askance at a lady with a whole lot of flyaway scraps of paper that look like – particularly annoying bits of trash – surrounding her?

lines 6-16 small

Collage poetry in process. Can get messy if any of it gets out on its own…


Also, I knew I needed to be inside for this idea, as the slightest bit of breeze would destroy my carefully arranged thoughts! so that limited the choices. No picnic table at the park. More hmmmm

I decided to go to the Glenside Library, my home library, because I felt that since they know me there, they would be willing to accept the ideas of:

  1. lots of small pieces of paper spread all over a table
  2. that I would clean it all up.

And so it worked out. I got there as they opened.

I settled in a nice spot in the reading alcove.

After some time, I was ready to get to work on snippet-making.

collage items on table 2 6-16 small

Doing collage poetry is a slow process. It takes time to sift around the words and arrange them in likely groupings. The words appear; I wait for them. That’s how it works. I was satisfied to make 9 snippets today.

I also made a “bonus” poem. I call it by this term because it’s made up, very quickly, of leftover words and phrases, and I just slap it together without much thought. Sometimes these bonuses make sense and other times they don’t, and I just throw those away. Because – I also throw out any leftover cut out words from the session. I like to start off with new thoughts each session. Now, keep in mind, at home, I don’t work on collage poetry in such large chunks of time as I did today, so a “session” can last for a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, at the end – good-bye, and a new start next time.

So – here are my snippets, and the bonus. Enjoy!

And the bonus. I think I will call it: Conspiracy Theory.

Conspiracy Theory 6-22-16 collage poem small


20 thoughts on “Surprise Poetry Marathon – Day 3

  1. These are all brilliant – including the bonus. I am amazed by your abilities with these things. I am pretty sure if I tried the same approach I would just end up with random ramblings that suggest nothing of depth.

  2. I think the key is not to take the obvious or easy suggestions the words present. And not to try to force it. Practice has helped me. I’m better at it than 4 years ago, when I look back.

  3. Thank you. Yes, me too, mystery reader, I mean. That particular one had its first lines and I thought I might have to leave it. Then. Intricate. Appeared and swooped in to fix it. All in one flash.

  4. I also love the bonus, and my favorite snippet is the last one…there are definitely ways of squeezing past the truth. It looks like a row of faces between lines 2 and 3. The chorus. (K)

  5. Looks like fun and the perfect place to create collage poetry! This reminds me a little of an online class I took from Lynn Whipple called, Word Play. One of our assignments was to find a haiku in an old book with the words on that page. Very challenging and quite fun! 😃 I like your bonus poem especially.

  6. Thank you. I do enjoy the Marathons, each one and each day bringing some new insight of some kind, and making me focus on my work rather than kind of skipping in and out. Collage poetry benefits from focus!

  7. I have two boxes of these library cards, you can order them from Demco, I think it is, library supplier, and I use them for all kinds of things. Plus they have such nice associations for me that I always like to feel somehow are included in whatever I put on them!

  8. Today it is feeling good. I have learned to let these kinds of hurts have their moment and not push them into conforming with my plans, and then they do so on their own. thank you for asking! And as for my process, I always hope that maybe someone will want to try whatever I am describing for themselves, so it’s important to pass on the facts, I think!

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