Surprise Poetry Marathon!

I looked at my calendar, casually flipping the pages, wondering when would be a good time to try to get the electrician on the calendar, and – I realized I had scheduled a Poetry Marathon for the week of June 20-24. Next week! My goodness, I really am flying along ahead of myself, not to have noticed this event until I ran smack into it!

My first thought was that I might like to reschedule it. After all, it’s up to me when (and if) I do these things at all, isn’t it? Upon reflection, I realized that I felt a Poetry Marathon right now would be just the thing. The weather is nice, my calendar is clear, and I’m caught up with all my art obligations. Plenty of time and energy for poetry writing.

So – off I go into a week of poetry writing. If you remember, my routine is to pick a location, go there, and do poetry writing or other poetry-related activities only. Five days in a row, for about three hours each day. Here is a selection of locations from previous marathons…

Following this routine, I came out of four Marathons in 2015 with my four “seasonal” poetry books; I most recently did a “Loose Ends” Marathon in February, 2016. I think this one will be entitled the “Surprise” Marathon – I’ve made a list of things I want to do, and each day, I’ll pick one at random and go with it.

What I have in mind is: working on my next book, containing collage poetry that I have written over the past four years; writing new poetry in speed sessions; going over notes I made from my two recent trips on the train; and I have a two ongoing poetry projects that are ripe for some organization and attention.

And, I hope to try out some locations I haven’t been to before. I am getting braver about going around out in the world these days, and maybe the Surprise Poetry Marathon will help with that.

OK! I’m taking a deep breath and gathering my things together – I’ll be starting on out Monday, June 20. Go with me?




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  1. I’m feeling that whatever happens will be a surprise to me, too, because, with the house painting, visiting DC, going to the art show, doing plein air event last weekend – I don’t know where my head it, I hope I find it!

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