Longing and Disappointment

A collage poem from my collage poetry book.

Longing and Disappointment collage poem book 4-1-15 small

Longing and Disappointment

Give us the future
we all want to know.
Come what will,
We wait for a message
show us our fortunes,
The finger moved and wrote:
do not punish me, but
I do not see anything


4 thoughts on “Longing and Disappointment

  1. I always wondered why people wanted to know their futures…I see oracles more as giving you things to think about, showing ways you might want to go that you hadn’t considered before, giving you some new options when you’re stuck. Don’t tell me what’s going to happen though…I really don’t want to know. (K)

  2. I feel the same way. Sometimes I think I want to know the ending or the answer to something, but then I think of how that would affect what I am doing now, and…I prefer the uncertainty no matter how wrenching it might be.

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